Basic Approach

Based on our Mission Statement of "Love," we conduct people-centered management under a Management Philosophy that views human resources as the essence of corporate strength. We recognize human resources as an exceedingly important asset and a source of realizing the sustainable improvement of corporate value. Keeping individual employees highly motivated and challenging higher goals ambitiously will enable a corporation to grow sustainably. We believe that the basis for achieving sustainable growth is for a corporation to provide opportunities for the development of skills and careers of individual employees and support them in achieving self-actualization so they can deliver their full potential, as well as develop a fair and convincing personnel system and pay.

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion

The Company hires diverse human resources, regardless of age, gender, nationality, disabilities, or other such characteristics, and provides opportunities and environments where they can demonstrate their maximum strengths, individuality, and abilities. We pursue more comfortable and rewarding work environments and aim for a sustainable improvement of corporate value.

Promoting the Empowerment of Diverse Human Resources

The Company is promoting efforts to create an internal environment in which diverse human resources are empowered.

Improving the Ratio of Female and Foreign Nationals in Managerial Positions

As of March 31, 2023, the ratio of women and foreign nationals in managerial positions is 1.3%, and this is a major issue for the industry, as well. In order to increase this ratio going forward, we will hire women and foreign nationals for career-track positions , and expand the population of candidates for managerial positions. At the same time, we will first expand the pool of section managers who are candidates for future managerial positions and promote the training of women and foreign nationals, as well as promotion to managerial positions in order to achieve our long-term goals at an early stage.
Furthermore, as the ratio of mid-career hires in managerial positions already exceeds 60%, and management is carried out by managers with diverse experience, we will maintain this level going forward.

As of March 31, 2021 As of March 31, 2022 As of March 31, 2023 Long-term Targets
Number of female or foreign managers
Number of female or foreign section managers
Number of women or foreign nationals hired for career-track positions
Occupational Course Change

With the aim of promoting self-motivated, autonomous career development, we provide opportunities to change occupational courses from dedicated administrative positions to career-track positions, once every two years. Female employees who have been in dedicated administrative positions can expand their field of activity if they wish to do so. Employees can now freely choose the form, location, and occupational course of their work in accordance with their own career and life plans, which encourages them to take on new challenges.

Employment of Persons with Disabilities

As of March 31, 2023, our employment rate for persons with disabilities was 2.08%, which is lower than the legally mandated employment rate of 2.3%. In this regard, we are continuing our hiring activities with the aim of meeting the legally mandated employment rate. Our Gunma Factory promotes the employment of persons with disabilities in order to contribute to the local community. We also provide company training for current students at a special support school in Gunma Prefecture, as well as company information meetings in Kiryu City, with the aim of supporting employment for persons with disabilities. Going forward, the Company will continue to work with the community to employ persons with disabilities.

Achieving Diverse Workstyles

With our DX policy, our employees are realizing diverse ways of working, partly because we are improving our IT environment. As for remote working, not only administrative staff and the technology integration team, but also employees who are going through life stages such as child-rearing are practicing it. In addition, we encourage employees in sales positions to return directly home after work, and have implemented flexible working hours to allow employees to choose the workstyle that suits them best. Going forward, we will further promote DX and business process innovation. We will also introduce communication tools and platforms through which we can share our vision and measure results, regardless of where and when employees work.As for the way employees are evaluated, to encourage employees who want to work, we are shifting to a system that emphasizes results such as improving efficiency or productivity rather than focusing on hours worked or how earnestly tasks are executed. The current situation where workstyle reform is progressing rapidly presents the optimum opportunity to defy conventional thinking. Through trial and error, the Company will promote workstyle reform that enables employees to choose workstyles and produce the best results.

Maternity Leave, Childcare Leave, and Shorter Work Hours for Childcare

At our company, we are working towards realizing diverse work styles by expanding the childcare leave and maternity leave systems, and creating an environment that makes it easy for employees to take advantage of these benefits. In the fiscal year 2022, for the first time in our company's history, a male employee took childcare leave, and the number of male employees taking such leave increased from one in the fiscal year 2022 to three in the fiscal year 2023. Furthermore, the return-to-work rate after taking childcare leave or maternity leave over the past five years has been 100%. With the option for shortened working hours for childcare, we are actively promoting a supportive environment for easy return to work.

Coin System

This personnel system is intended to improve Company-wide productivity, by promoting mutual assistance utilizing differences between busy times and downtime between regions and departments. Departments that received help from other departments pay Coins as a sign of gratitude. Expanding this circle of mutual assistance not only reduces overtime work, but also improves skills and standardizes operations. Expressing gratitude in the form of Coins will also increase employee motivation. In related industries, there are significant differences in workload between busy times and downtimes depending on the region. While we hear opinions such as "The busy season is approaching, I’ll have to work a lot of overtime" and "I want to have more staff even just for this month," there are also people who are saying "I want to work more" at our bases during downtimes. Remote working has become popular due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and it is now possible to provide remote support regardless of work location or department. Using this opportunity, we started test operations of the Coin System from April 2022 in order to match bases. Beginning with simple tasks, the Coin System has spread steadily, through work flow reforms and standardization. With a focus on people, which is one of Takamiya’s strengths, this system serves as one of the pillars of our Corporate Philosophy of creating an environment in which employees care about one another, always work hard together, and can grow together.

Efforts to Enhance Engagement

In order to achieve corporate goals and implement management strategies, it is ideal that a corporation shares management vision with employees, based on which employees voluntarily act toward the goals while identifying and solving issues. On the other hand, if employees only deal with immediate tasks, it is difficult for them to sustain their motivation in the long run. Instead of a mere give-and-take relationship, we aim to establish a high-level relationship (engagement) where both management and employees can understand each other and benefit from a win-win situation.In addition to the intranet, digital signage, and paper in-house newsletters, a "web in-house newsletter" was launched from the fiscal year ended March 2023 to enable employees to deepen their understanding of management conditions, Company policies, and other in-house information in real time. In addition, each department holds in-house seminars to disseminate information to other departments. We are laying the groundwork for individual employees to formulate tasks to tackle and independently work toward the accomplishment of the tasks.

Capability Development and Development of Autonomous Employees

Development of autonomous employees requires an improved environment. We are working on such matters as providing information to facilitate logical thinking, creating a corporate culture that encourages taking on challenges, establishing an appraisal system with tangible results, developing measures to assist in creating ideas, and creating a mechanism to assist in self-improvement. These initiatives, coupled with the individual values of employees, will generate diverse ideas and lead to a respect for diversity that we promote.

Office Reforms "Transforming Offices from Workspaces to Places of Rest and Healing"

We are creating a more comfortable work environment, in order to increase the engagement of our employees.
Remote work has become increasingly popular since the spread of COVID-19. However, while remote working is free from burdens related to commuting and allows one to work flexibly, we have identified increased occasions for employees to feel stressed, such as insufficient consultation and communication on work, difficulty in switching between work and private life, and lack of change in the scenery because one stays at home for a significantly longer period of time. This has led to the opportunity to review the value of offices. Consequently, we believe that the office needs the function of a communication and rest platform more than ever.
We are renewing the offices of each business under the concept of "a place to rest and heal." In order to activate communication among employees, which is lacking with remote working, we have increased the proportion of open spaces and refreshment spaces, such as cafés and sofa living rooms, and have kept office spaces to a minimum. We have eliminated the factors that fix where and when employees work by introducing a flexible working hours system in addition to a free-address system. Furthermore, we have introduced a cloud system and installed multiple monitors to remotely connect with our offices across the country to enable close communication without being restricted by distance. We have also created an environment in which individual achievements can be visualized and evaluated fairly, even if workstyles change. Open spaces and a small, modern Japanese-style room have been set up for casual exchanges of ideas, creating an office where flexible ideas can emerge without being restricted by conventional thinking.

Nagoya branch
Nagoya branch

Niigata branch
Niigata branch

Refresh Leave System

We have introduced various leave systems as part of our efforts to create an environment in which employees want to keep working at the Company. The refresh leave system allows employees who have been with the Company for four years or longer to take up to four weeks of vacation, from their birthday, which is a milestone. Employees aged 25, 35, 45, and 55 will receive a week off including their birthday as "Refresh 5," while those aged 30, 40, 50, and 60 will receive one to four weeks off from their birthday as “Refresh 10.” Employees taking Refresh 10 will also receive an allowance if they travel during that period.

Incentive System for Employee Stock Ownership Plan

Since April 2021, we have raised the incentive amount for stock purchase through the employee stock ownership plan from 5% to 10%. We support the asset formation of employees through the employee stock ownership plan, and at the same time, we aim to enhance the engagement of employees through holding Company stock. We believe it is vital that employees and a corporation are aligned in the same direction for the sake of respecting individual values and improving corporate value. We are promoting initiatives so that the accomplishment of the Company translates into the happiness of employees.

Human Resource Investment

The Company actively invests in human resources based on a people-oriented Management Philosophy. With the purpose of improving skills and reskilling our employees, we are not only implementing various training programs and enhancing our education system, but are also implementing initiatives to maximize employee performance, such as introducing our own incentive system.

Incentive System

The Company has introduced an incentive system that is different from regular bonuses. We provide incentives according to the degree to which each employee achieves the goals they have set for themselves.
From the fiscal year ended March 31, 2023, we have started a DX incentive system with the aim of accelerating DX promotion within the Company, and we will provide incentives based on the evaluation of efforts toward targets. In the fiscal year ending March 31, 2024, we will increase our DX incentives, with the aim of further promoting DX and developing DX human resources.


At construction sites, our basic concept is safety first. Safety is given top priority in the development and manufacturing process of products that are used on-site. We support the foundation of social life, by ensuring quality, value, and safety in each process from product development and manufacturing to usage.

Initiatives for the Improvement of Safety

Our own quality control standard

A certain quality control standard formulated by the industry applies to temporary equipment provided in the rental business. In addition to following the quality control standard of the industry, we adopt and operate our own quality control standard that is a level higher than the industry standard. We also regularly conduct performance tests by a third-party organization and strive to control the quality of our temporary equipment with the goal of preventing product-related problems before they occur, thereby always providing our customers with safe and reliable equipment.

Thoroughly implement safe installation

We consider on-site safety as an important element of quality just like product quality. At scaffolding installation sites we manage, we set our safety control indicators, and provide high-quality construction with the goal of zero accidents based on thorough safety control. In addition, to improve safety awareness, we conduct scaffolding safety and health workshops as well as legal education for our employees and customers. Our training programs allow participants to acquire not only basic knowledge in the use of scaffolding, but also specialized knowledge.

Compulsory education:21
Special education courses such as scaffolding assembly 4
Courses on special education on full-harness type fall prevention equipment 7
Training courses for foremen and health and safety managers 3
Course on training to improve the ability of work chiefs such as scaffolding assembly 1
Course on special education on slinging operations 1
Courses on special education on oxygen deficient/hydrogen sulfide hazardous work 3
Courses on special education for workers handling asbestos 2

Trust of Customers

Staying worthy of the trust of customers is the most important theme of the Company. Customer needs are becoming sophisticated day by day in such aspects as safety, efficiency, and response to DX in construction. In order to satisfy these needs, we provide services from our platform. We continue to brush up our platform and aim to be a company that is always chosen by our customers based on the relationships of trust gained through these efforts.

Initiatives to Earn the Trust of Customers

Joint Product Development

We receive inquiries on products and services every day. Feedback received through the Sales & Marketing Division are shared with related departments in the Company, and reflected in the process of brushing up our products and services. Some customers bring us requests and consultation related to the development and improvement of products. In order to materialize customer requests, the Sales & Marketing Division implements interviews in detail including the background of requesting development, key attributes required for the products, and preferred prices, and shares them with the Product Development Division to reflect in product design. We pursue the commercialization of products through repeated dialogue with customers attended by the Product Development Division. In the process, we also make parallel proposals to our customers regarding easy-to-stow or easy-to-handle features, packing style in transportation, and mass production for supply as rental products.

Visualization of Equipment Management

At the equipment base attached to Takamiya Lab. West, we have installed truck scales to manage shipment return data as they enter and exit the facility, in order to reduce unloading errors. In addition, a significantly larger number of cameras have been installed than at a typical Equipment Base, and we accumulate evidence regarding the number of personnel, management, acceptance inspections, and maintenance, and conduct issue and data analysis to prevent human errors and increase reliability.