Rooted in the philosophy of "Love" and guided by 'Transformation' as our corporate vision,
we have been challenging the established norms in the temporary structure industry.

We understand that merely talking about correctness can lead to obsolescence in the world of conventions.
We believe in not just providing the right answers but in continuously creating alternative solutions.

With a focus on our customers and the world and future beyond,we aspire to become a platform-providing company.Today, as always, we are dedicated to carrying dreams, envisioning the future, and being together on this journey.


We provide solutions in the temporary structure business through the Takamiya platform, contributing to the industry's development.


We have been focusing on "environment, "society," "safety," and "constructability" in our business long before sustainability became a significant concern.
We are dedicated to contributing to the realization of a sustainable society through our business activities. Additionally, within our organization,
we are committed to creating an inclusive environment where diverse talents can thrive.
At the core of this is our corporate philosophy, which is "Love."