Basic Approach


When we founded the business, the majority of scaffolding used at construction sites in Japan was made of wood. The idea of a rental business came about from our thoughts on how we can utilize wooden scaffolding, which is normally disposed after several times of use. We started our rental business triggered by the import of steel scaffolding from abroad. The Group’s underlying ideal is to use limited resources effectively and help realize a sustainable society.

Supporting Infrastructure

Our products contribute to the maintenance of social infrastructure. To ensure the continued utilization of aging social capital, regular maintenance is essential. We offer a range of products that cater to the maintenance and repair of buildings, highways, bridges, and other structures. Additionally, our product lineup includes housing materials with seismic and damping functions, as well as water bags suitable for flood prevention in the event of large typhoons or sudden heavy rainfall, minimizing damage to social infrastructure caused by natural disasters.

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Next-generation Scaffolding "Iq System"

Compared to conventional scaffolds, the Iq System is more efficient in loading and transporting, thereby enabling transport using fewer vehicles and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Lightweight high-tensile steel pipes are used as the material for the support columns, enabling a weight reduction of up to 2 kg per column. It also saves space by 50% of the storage area, significantly increasing the loading capacity of trucks along with the weight reduction. The number of transportation vehicles can be reduced by approximately 30%, which contributes to the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Equipment Base

With Equipment Base, we strive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that are generated when loading products onto vehicles. At conventional equipment storage sites, it takes up to a maximum of two hours to complete loading procedures. At some Equipment Bases, by installing fast lanes that allow priority loading and introducing truck scales, loading times can be shortened to roughly 30 minutes, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles that are waiting to be loaded. In addition, with Equipment Base we have introduced electric forklifts that do not rely on fossil fuels, as well as solar power generation installed within the facility, which allows self-production and self-consumption of electricity.

PV-related Products

We promote power generation with renewable energy by manufacturing and selling PV-related products. We manufacture solar panel installation frames using the metal processing technology we have cultivated through the development of temporary equipment. The cumulative contract record for POGERO, a next-generation solar carport that can generate electricity from sunlight, has exceeded 4,428 kW (equivalent to 1,536 vehicles and 12,059 panels) on a DC (direct current) installation capacity basis. This product can be installed at parking spaces where it would be difficult to install solar panels.