Draw the Future and It Will Come.

Takamiya Platform

The platform is pioneering the future of temporary business.

We provide platform solutions to platform partners.
Platform solutions create added value for temporary equipment.
Partners can use the solutions to address management challenges.
The platform revolutionizes the way of doing business in the temporary industry.
We are a platform company that provides solutions for the temporary business.

Platform solution

Platform portal

OPERA is a platform portal where platform functions are centralized.
It includes high-value features such as web orders, delivery vehicle reservations, secondary market systems, and more.
Accessible from devices such as smartphones and computers,
it provides added convenience.

R&D for Creating Added Value in Platforms
Takamiya Lab.

The research and development center aimed at enhancing the convenience and safety of services and products provided by the platform.
It conducts activities such as product exhibitions, hands-on experiences, collaborative product development, and digitization of temporary equipment storage and retrieval.
In the future, it will perform assessments related to the expansion of platform services, including verification processes.

Temporary Equipment Services & DX

Takamiya has leveraged its business foundation primarily built on rental and sales to provide services to customers and enhance the convenience of each. To achieve this, the following functions have been enhanced:

Development and Manufacturing

Supporting society from the field with products that reflect the voices of the actual users.

Takamiya's strength in development and manufacturing lies in its ability to incorporate various field needs gathered through sales and rentals into product development. Offering a wide range of equipment, including the next-generation scaffold "Iq System" with a working height of 1,900mm for enhanced operability and safety, Takamiya utilizes excellent metalworking and scaffold-related technologies to provide equipment in diverse fields, such as structural equipment. This breadth extends beyond the construction industry, reaching into areas like agriculture and disaster prevention.


Leveraging the strengths of both sales and rentals, we offer cost-effective products.

Expanding our product offerings through rental services provides significant advantages not only in rentals but also in sales. Takamiya, manufacturing the majority of key equipment in-house, ensures stable production by acquiring a certain quantity of rental assets through the rental business. This enables us to achieve cost advantages in sales.


Capturing the needs of various construction sites, we realize a diverse range of services.

In our rental business, we achieve a variety of services through synergy with the various functions within the group, including development, manufacturing, sales, design, construction, and safety management. We cater to a wide range of construction sites, including building, bridges, high-rise structures, tunnels, underground facilities, and port installations. From new construction to maintenance and repair, from architecture to civil engineering, from underground to high-rise, we address the needs of every construction site.

Design and Installation

[Design] Responsible for scaffolding drawing creation, strength calculations, and tracing of structural drawings.

To assemble a safe scaffold, prior design is crucial. In our company, we conduct in-house CAD drawing and strength calculations for scaffolding. In addition to scaffold design, we offer tracing services to digitize paper-based structural drawings into CAD, facility-related CAD drawing creation, and 3D CAD-based drawing services. Furthermore, we are equipped to handle BIM (Building Information Modeling) and CIM (Construction Information Modeling).

[Installation] Offering nationwide construction services, including assembly and disassembly of scaffolding.

Leveraging the collaboration of our nationwide network of construction partner companies, we undertake scaffold assembly and disassembly as part of construction projects. Utilizing a well-maintained and extensive product lineup, we provide safe and high-quality construction services.

Management and logistics

Ensuring the quality, management, and prompt response of equipment. Safe and speedy service available nationwide.

Scaffolding, which provides safety and workability on construction sites, must always be maintained in a safe condition. Our equipment management and logistics functions, certified by the Temporary Construction Industry Association, maintain the quality of equipment at an advanced level with proprietary maintenance standards that exceed industry norms. Additionally, our equipment storage and retrieval aim for the "industry's fastest," reducing driver waiting times significantly, contributing to the efficiency of customer transportation and cost reduction.


Providing safety education services related to scaffolding and offering scaffolding safety consulting.

Approximately 30% of work-related fatalities in our country occur in the construction industry, and of those, about 40% are due to falls from heights such as scaffolding. We want to eradicate accidents and incidents caused by scaffolding. This is the commitment of Takamiya, aiming for a total production regarding scaffolding. To realize this commitment, we conduct various educational programs such as scaffolding and safety hygiene workshops, as well as special training, with the goal of eliminating accidents and incidents associated with scaffolding.

Business Creating the Future

Introducing our Agri-business, which manufactures and sells high-performance greenhouses for agriculture and provides construction services. Additionally, we present the "Hanabusa Mana Project," a project conducting performance evaluations of products through demonstration cultivation. We also offer support for customers' renewable energy introduction plans for business continuity planning (BCP) through the next-generation solar carport "POGERO".