From 1969

Establishment of the scaffolding rental business from inception.

In 1969, our company started as a sales business for temporary equipment. However, we quickly transitioned into rental services. During the construction of the Osaka Expo in 1970, many construction companies were procuring a vast amount of equipment in Osaka and then selling it immediately after use. Recognizing the emergence of the "temporary equipment rental business" era, we made the decision to transform our business structure. Subsequently, we established mechanisms and systems, such as security deposits for products and minimum rental periods, which are now industry standards.
From the 1980s, we expanded the scale of our business, expanding to locations throughout Japan, starting with Tokyo. We also invested in infrastructure enhancements such as the establishment of technical offices, mechanization of equipment centers, and the introduction of CAD systems. In the 1990s, we introduced our own quality management standards to enhance safety.

1969 No.1
1969 No.2
1969 No.3
June 1969 Founded as Shin Kansai Co.,Ltd., existing SRG TAKAMIYA Co.,Ltd. in Osaka City.
June 1973 Transfer the head office registration to Settsu City, Osaka Prefecture.
April 1974 Changed the focus to leasing and rental of temporary equipment.
June 1983 To pursue overseas expansion in the temporary equipment rental business, a consolidated subsidiary named SRG TILESTONE TRADING PTE. LTD. was established in Singapore. Later, the company name was changed to SRG TAKAMIYA ENGINEERING (S) PTE. LTD.
November 1984 A subsidiary, SRG Takamiya Corporation, specializing in temporary equipment rental, was established in Chuo-ku, Tokyo.
December 1987 Merged the subsidiary, reestablished as SRG TAKAMIYA Co., Ltd.
April 1988 The headquarters was relocated to Kita-ku, Osaka City.
September 1988 A branch office, later designated as the Tohoku Sendai Branch, was established in Aoba-ku, Sendai City.
March 1990 "Iwata Co., Ltd.", a limited liability company specializing in temporary equipment rental, was established in Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture. Later, it became a consolidated subsidiary named "Iwata Corporation" and relocated to Kishigawa City, Wakayama Prefecture.
June 1990 A branch office, known as the Nagoya Branch, was established in Nakagawa-ku, Nagoya City.
July 1994 Rental Nagakita Ltd., existing SHINKEN NAGAKITA Co., Ltd., a consolidated subsidiary, was established in Niigata Prefecture.
August 1994 Tatsumi Ltd., existing TATSUMI Co., Ltd., a consolidated subsidiary, was established in Ibaraki Prefecture.
January 1996 A branch office, named the Osaka Branch, was opened in Kita-ku, Osaka City.
March 1998 Techno Kobo Ltd., existing Cadian Co.,Ltd., a consolidated subsidiary, was established in Osaka City.
September 1998 A branch office, which is now the Kyushu Branch, was established in Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City.

From 2000

Entry into environmental businesses with a focus on "safety," "environment," and "construction efficiency" pursuit.

Since the 2000s, there has been a shift in construction investment from the construction of highways and new projects to disaster prevention and maintenance and repair. Anticipating subsequent changes, our company entered the environmental business. Since then, we have identified growth in this sector as a crucial focus. We have introduced various strategic products, such as the "YT Lock System" for disaster prevention work on slopes prone to accidents in mountainous areas and the "Lift Climber," targeting large-scale repair work on high-rise condominiums and tall buildings.

2000年 No.1
2000年 No.3
May 2000 A non-consolidated subsidiary, Eco-Try Co., Ltd., was established in Settsu City, Osaka Prefecture. Later, it relocated to Tsukuba-Mirai City, Ibaraki Prefecture.
December 2002 The headquarters was relocated to Shibatacho, Kita-ku, Osaka City.
October 2004 HIRAMATSU Co., Ltd., a consolidated subsidiary, was established in Shizuoka Prefecture.
February 2005 SN Builtech Co.,Ltd., a consolidated subsidiary, was established in Tokyo Metropolitan.
March 2005 SRG TAKAMIYA ENGINEERING (S) PTE. LTD. (a consolidated subsidiary) was liquidated.
June 2005 Listed by JASDAQ Securities Exchange. (Ticker Symbol: 2445)
April 2006 The acquisition of 100% of the issued shares of CADIAN Corporation.
August 2006 The headquarters and Osaka branch were relocated to Saya-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka City.
December 2007 Listed by Tokyo Stock Exchange the second part.(JASDAQ Securities Exchange delisting in January 2008)
January 2008 The Jasdaq Securities Exchange delists from the stock market.
October 2008 AOMORI ATOM Co.,Ltd., a consolidated subsidiary, was established in Aomori Prefecture.
August 2009 Ishijima Kizai Seisakusho Co.,Ltd., existing TOTAL TOSHISEIBI Co., Ltd., became a consolidated subsidiary.

From 2010

The industry innovation brought about by the Iq System and the establishment of its underlying 'system'.

In 2010, to innovate the traditional temporary scaffolding that had remained unchanged for over 50 years, we acquired manufacturing capabilities. We developed and introduced our own next-generation scaffolding, the "Iq System," starting in 2013. While increasing the height from the conventional 170cm to 190cm, the Iq System excels in workability and is steadily establishing itself as the de facto standard in the industry. Additionally, we established a construction department to handle scaffolding work in-house, promoting the next-generation scaffolding and addressing the shortage of manpower on construction sites. These efforts resulted in a synergistic organizational structure where each function complements the other.

2010年 No.1
2010年 No.2
2010年 No.3
September 2010 Acquired all shares of Holly Co., Ltd., making it a consolidated subsidiary, along with its wholly-owned subsidiary, Holly Korea Co., Ltd.
April 2011 Nagakita Co., Ltd. acquires the business of Shinken Kikai Co., Ltd. and changes its company name to Shinken Nagakita Co., Ltd.
August 2013 Established Holly Vietnam Limited Liability Company in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, later becoming a consolidated subsidiary.
April 2014 Acquired all shares of Asahi Kogyo Co., Ltd. located in Hirano-ku, Osaka City.
August 2014 Moved the headquarters and Osaka branch to Oofukamachi, Kita-ku, Osaka City.
December 2014 Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange by TAKAMIYA Co., Ltd..

From 2015

Venturing into new business areas leveraging the 'system

Building on our core business of scaffolding, we have expanded into various fields. Since 2015, we have also entered the agriculture sector. Addressing challenges in the primary industry, such as the aging of agricultural workers and departures from farming due to economic reasons, we utilized our metalworking expertise developed in the development of temporary equipment products. We began selling weather-resistant agricultural greenhouses. Furthermore, we strengthened our manufacturing capabilities by developing and selling seismic isolation frames to protect homes from earthquakes, advancing our value proposition into new domains.

2015年 No.1
2015年 No.2
2015年 No.3
April 2015 Consolidated the sales departments of Holly Co., Ltd.
July 2015 Established DIMENSION-ALL INC., a subsidiary engaged in the sales and rental of aluminum system formwork in the Philippines, as a consolidated subsidiary.
October 2016 Opened a Niigata branch in Chuo-ku, Niigata City.
January 2017 Merged with and absorbed Shinken Nagakita Co., Ltd.
April 2017 Merged with and absorbed TATSUMI Corporation.
January 2018 Merged with and absorbed Holly Co., Ltd.
February 2018 Acquired all shares of Nakaya Kizai Co., Ltd. located in Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture.
April 2018 SN Buildtech Co., Ltd. merges with Total Urban Development Co., Ltd., and changes its company name to Total Urban Development Co., Ltd.
April 2019 Changed the company name to Takamiya Co., Ltd.
October 2020 TOTAL TOSHISEIBI Co., Ltd. merges with and absorbs Nextech Corporation.

From 2021

Accelerating transformation through the creation of a new "system".

With a forward-looking approach to adapt to the changing times, we aim to achieve transformation for sustained improvement in corporate value by updating our business models and promoting the development of high-value-added products and services. While continuing our efforts in the pursuit of new value creation, we aspire to contribute to the qualitative development of the industry, aiming to become a corporate group that leads in this direction.

2021年 No.1
2021年 No.2
2021年 No.3
April 2022 As a result of the Tokyo Stock Exchange market classification review, transferred from the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange to the Prime Market.
June 2022 Transitioned to a company with an audit and supervisory committee system.