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In May 2021, our group introduced a new corporate vision, stating our commitment to creating new value through transformation and becoming a partner to our customers to achieve sustainable growth. We unveiled a new mid-term business plan to drive this vision forward. At the heart of this plan is the Takamiya platform, a crucial initiative for our transition from a flow business to a stock business. We are building a resilient framework that can withstand changes in the external environment and consistently generate revenue. By combining next-generation scaffolding, the 'Iq System,' with digital services powered by DX, we aim to provide unprecedented added value.

By leveraging this platform, we can address our customers' business challenges effectively. Our customers will see the platform become an integral part of the temporary equipment business, and we will undergo a transformation from a rental and manufacturing company operating in the traditional flow business to a platform-based enterprise.

October 1, 2023
Kazumasa Takamiya
Representative Director, President and Chairman