Domestic Group Companies

IWATA Co., Ltd.

We continue to undertake various challenges with the aim of creating a safe and comfortable society.

Since its establishment in 1990 in Wakayama Prefecture, we have been committed to local engagement in our business operations. With a focus on the rental of temporary equipment, we continue to strive for the creation of a safer and more comfortable society, embracing challenges along the way. As part of our environmental initiatives, we have installed a solar power generation system in our office, and we are open to inquiries regarding the installation of such systems. We firmly believe that returning profits to the community is a form of contributing to the benefit of society. Our goal is to be recognized as the "most desirable company to work for in the prefecture" as we remain dedicated to our mission of contributing to the well-being of the local community.

IWATA Co., Ltd.

Company name IWATA Co., Ltd.
URL http://www.iw-iwata.com/
Established March 1990
Capital 10,030,000 yen (Ownership Ratio: 60.0%)
Headquarters Location 523-2 Jōnokatamuki, Momoyama-cho, Kinokawa City, Wakayama 649-6112, Japan
TEL:+81-736-66-3450 FAX:+81-736-66-3451
Business Activities Rental of temporary construction equipment and planning/design of temporary construction work


We will deploy sales activities rooted in the local community, contributing to the revitalization of the region.

Established in 2008, we have enhanced our maintenance equipment to meet the demand for inspection, maintenance of nuclear power-related facilities, and construction and civil engineering projects in Aomori Prefecture. Additionally, we offer comprehensive solutions, including temporary scaffolding for plant projects such as LNG. We engage in sales activities deeply rooted in the local community, contributing to the revitalization of the region.


Company name AOMORI ATOM Co., Ltd.
URL https://www.am-atom.jp/
Established October 2008
Capital 10,000,000 yen (Ownership Ratio: 100.0%)
Headquarters Location 35-135 Yakeyamakawame, Ondanosawa, Higashidori Village, Shimokita District, Aomori 039-4223, Japan
TEL:+81-175-45-7750 FAX:+81-175-45-7751
Business Activities Construction Temporary Equipment Rental


Proactive Business Expansion into Future Urban Development Projects.

In 1994, SN Buildtec was founded with a focus on the rental of support and maintenance scaffolding, specifically the Power Frame. In April 2018, the company underwent a merger by absorbing a group company that dealt with shield equipment, leading to a name change to Total Urban Development Corporation. Currently, in addition to various support and maintenance materials, we handle stainless steel formwork, continue to dedicate ourselves to technical expertise, and strive to provide customers with products and services that bring satisfaction.


Company name TOTAL TOSHISEIBI Co., Ltd.
URL https://www.total-ts.jp/
Established February 2005
Capital 30,000,000 yen (Ownership Ratio: 100.0%)
Headquarters Location 3-10-5 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0027, Japan
TEL:+81-3-3276-3930 FAX:+81-3-3276-3931
Business Activities Construction Temporary Equipment Rental

Nakaya Kizai Co., Ltd

Based in Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture, we provide locally tailored services through the rental of construction temporary equipment.

We are the leading construction temporary equipment rental company in Shimane Prefecture, primarily focusing on the rental and sales of construction temporary equipment. With headquarters in Matsue City, we serve as a reliable partner for major construction companies, local contractors, and civil engineering firms in the region, maintaining stable and longstanding business relationships. For all your construction equipment rental and leasing needs, trust Nakaya Equipment.

Company name Nakaya Kizai Co., Ltd
URL http://www.nakayakizai.jp/
Established September 1995
Capital 10,000,000 yen (Ownership Ratio: 100.0%)
Headquarters Location 2-13 Yomenoshima-cho, Matsue City, Shimane 690-0047, Japan
TEL:+81-852-28-8201 FAX:+81-852-28-8222
Business Activities Leasing of Temporary Equipment for Construction and Civil Engineering


We aim to provide a well-balanced, safe, and comfortable service overall.

In 2004, we were established in Shizuoka Prefecture with the motto of "local rooted sales," aiming to become a company deeply integrated into the local community and contribute to the region. Our main business is the leasing and rental of temporary scaffolding, and we strive to assist our customers in ensuring safe and accident-free construction sites. Additionally, we commenced full-fledged transportation services for scaffolding materials for reconstruction projects, which we had been preparing for immediately after the earthquake. We look forward to further contributions in Shizuoka and the Tohoku region.

Company name HIRAMATSU Co., Ltd.
URL https://www.kk-hiramatsu.jp/
Established October 2004
Capital 10,000,000 yen (Ownership Ratio: 100.0%)
Headquarters Location 4342-9 Sumiyoshi, Yoshida-cho, Haruno-gun, Shizuoka 421-0301, Japan
TEL:+81-548-74-0700 FAX:+81-548-74-0701
Business Activities General Freight Transport Services

Cadian Co., Ltd.

A group of technical professionals capable of providing total support for temporary construction planning as well as overall construction planning.

Since our establishment in March 1998, we have specialized in creating temporary construction plan drawings for building, civil engineering, and bridge projects. In order to meet a broader range of needs in the construction industry, we have expanded our expertise to include BIM/CIM, structural and architectural design, HVAC system design, and electrical and instrumentation system design. Additionally, in recent years, we have introduced 3D laser scanners to construction sites and initiated our 'Spatial Measurement Business.' From design to construction and building maintenance, we offer solutions to address your concerns.

Company name Cadian Co., Ltd.
URL https://www.cadian.jp/
Established March 1998
Capital 30,000,000 yen (Ownership Ratio: 100.0%)
Headquarters Location 4th Floor, Frontier Shinjuku Tower, 3-9-7 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023, Japan
TEL:+81-3-3373-5552 FAX:+81-3-3373-5553
Business Activities The creation of temporary construction plan drawings, calculation sheets, and architectural facility drawings, as well as surveying and various design services.

ECO-TRY Co., Ltd

We conduct scaffolding construction and structural work based on efficiently designed and waste-free plans.

Our primary business focus includes scaffolding construction and structural work, primarily in Ibaraki Prefecture.

Company name ECO-TRY Co., Ltd
URL https://www.ecotry.jp/
Established May 2000
Capital 30,000,000 yen (Ownership Ratio: 100.0%)
Headquarters Location 4-9-9 Yoko-dai, Tsukubamirai-shi, Ibaraki 300-2358, Japan
TEL: +81-297-58-9888 FAX:+81-297-58-9891
Business Activities Planning, design, construction, supervision, contracting, and technical guidance for building and civil engineering projects, as well as aerial and civil engineering works.


Fukuoka Prefecture Purchasing Cooperative Business. Construction of steel-frame vinyl house complexes. Established as a facility horticulture manufacturer.

Since our establishment in 1961, we have been walking alongside facility horticulturists for over half a century. As a comprehensive construction industry player, our main focus has been on the construction of agricultural facilities, striving to contribute to the sustainable growth of local communities through tailored construction to meet our customers' needs. In May 2022, we concluded a stock transfer agreement with Takamiya Co., Ltd., becoming a member of the Takamiya Group. Leveraging synergies within the Takamiya Group, we aim to be a century-old company contributing to the local community and all stakeholders.

Company name YAME KAISEI Co., Ltd.
URL https://yamekaisei.jp/
Established December 1962
Capital 60,000,000 yen (Ownership Ratio: 83.5%)
Headquarters Location 1024 Ota, Hiokawa-cho, Yame-gun, Fukuoka 834-0114, Japan
TEL:+81-943-32-1148 FAX:+81-943-32-2628
Business Activities Agricultural construction work and sales of agricultural supplies.

Overseas Group Companies

Hory Korea Co.,Ltd.

Pioneer in the manufacturing of construction temporary equipment.

Hory Korea Co., Ltd. produces a wide range of products, including construction temporary equipment and solar panel mounts, playing a crucial role as an overseas manufacturing base incorporating Hory's production technology.

Company name Hory Korea Co.,Ltd.
URL http://www.hory.co.kr/
Established April 2000
Capital 4,400,000,000 Korean Won (Ownership Ratio: 100%)
Headquarters Location 21, Myeongdong-ro, Hallim-myeon, Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, 50-851, Korea
TEL:+82-55-342-5651 FAX:+82-55-342-5654
Business Activities Manufacturing, sales, and rental of construction temporary equipment.


A manufacturing base for construction temporary equipment, with a focus on clamps.

The Vietnam factory is located in the Long Duc Industrial Zone, Dong Nai Province, in the southeast. It serves as a manufacturing base for construction temporary equipment, primarily focusing on clamps and fastening hardware for construction scaffolding. The facility conducts integrated production, including pressing, galvanizing, and assembly, to ensure stable supply and improved services for construction temporary equipment in Japan, ASEAN countries, and beyond.

Company name HORY VIETNAM CO.,LTD.
Established July 2013
Capital 9,600,000 US dollars (Ownership Ratio: 100%)
Headquarters Location Road D4-1, Long Duc Industrial Park, Long Duc Ward, Long Thanh District, Dong Nai Province. VIETNAM
TEL:+84-251-368-1211 FAX:+84-251-368-1199
Business Activities Manufacturing of construction temporary equipment.


We are headquartered in Manila, Republic of the Philippines, and engage in the rental and sale of construction formwork and temporary equipment.

We are headquartered in Manila, Republic of the Philippines, and engage in the rental and sale of construction formwork and temporary equipment.

URL https://dimension-all.com/
Capital 247,000,000 Philippine Pesos (Ownership Ratio: 100%)
Headquarters Location Unit 2709, One Corporate Centre, Julia Vargas cor. Meralco Ave., San Antonio, Pasig City, 1605 Metro Manila, Philippines
Business Activities Manufacturing and rental of construction temporary equipment.