Medium-term management plan

Management Vision

Create new value through transformation and aim for sustainable growth by becoming a partner to our customers.

Profit Targets

Consolidated operating income of ¥3.8 billion for the year ending March 31, 2024

Basic Strategies

1.Develop services that blend hardware and software, with a focus on the Iq System

Not limited to our next-generation scaffolding Iq System’s tangible aspects, which is the competitive edge of its product features, we will also provide intangible aspects such as scaffolding management, operation, and consulting. Through such blending of hardware and software, we will create new services and establish a competitive edge to make Iq System the de facto standard of nextgeneration scaffolding.
We have newly established Takamiya Lab. West in Amagasaki City of Hyogo Prefecture to take on the central role in this strategy, and we will aim to build a commission-based business model, seeking for a new possibility in the temporary equipment business.

2.Strengthen products for maintenance/repairs and infrastructure redevelopment

The proportion of maintenance and repair (renovation/renewal) work in the original-contractor construction revenue is on an increasing trend in the Japanese construction market. Development of major infrastructure including the Shinkansen , expressways, and railways progressed during Japan’s period of rapid economic growth. Some 50 years have passed since then, and their maintenance and repair works are being carried out in various part of Japan.As products targeting these works, we will strive to expand sales mainly for the panel-type hanging scaffolding SPIDER PANEL, and hanging scaffolding systems VMAX, which offer superior workability and safety for expressway maintenance and repair works, and our YT Lock System, which realizes the tool-less assembly of platforms for large cranes and other heavy equipment in maintenance and repair works for dams and electricity transmission facilities particularly in hilly and mountainous areas. In addition, in the rental business, the use of Lift Climber, our mast climbing work platform that we have primarily supplied for high-rise condominium buildings, is expanding into the civil engineering sector. We will strive to expand sales in both the construction and civil engineering sectors.

3.Nurture businesses beyond the temporary equipment sector

Regarding business areas other than the temporary equipment sector, we will promote the full-scale growth of our agriculture business. In Hanyu City of Saitama Prefecture, we have built a demonstration farm to evaluate the performance of G-Castle NEO48 and G-Castle Pro1, agricultural greenhouses manufactured and sold by Takamiya, through actual cultivation of fruit and vegetables by using them. At the demonstration farm, along with the performance evaluation of Takamiya’s greenhouses, verification tests for environmental control devices as well as exploration of ideal cultivation methods are conducted inside the greenhouses to make use of the results for sales promotion. In addition, customers are invited to the farm for taking a tour of the facility. We have introduced sensing technology to collect a variety of data related to cultivation, whereby promoting the secondary use of such data, including providing to customers, in our efforts to expand this business.

4.Redevelop overseas business bases

In the redevelopment of overseas business bases, the impact of COVID-19 has been significant,particularly at our subsidiary in the Philippines, causing us to wait the recovery from the impact.Nevertheless, the Philippines remains a promising market with a high economic growth rate, and we anticipate that construction investment will return to pre-COVID-19 levels. For this reason, we will pursue the development of business management systems and business bases and strengthen the overseas business to achieve further growth.

Basic Policy

Diversification of earnings base
  • Build a stock-type business model
  • Expand earnings in the agriculture business
  • Create new businesses using business resources (five arrows)
Establishment of manufacturer functions
  • Establish manufacturing frameworks
  • Strengthen product planning and development frameworks
Innovation of management system
  • Raise productivity of all management resources
  • Realize greater productivity through AI/ICT (promotion of digital transformation)
  • Realize a win-win relationship between management and employees
  • Promote work style reform
Establishment of overseas business bases
  • Strengthen subsidiary management system
  • Rebuild business strategies
  • Build earnings base

Investment Policy

We will make proactive investments as follows:
3-year Cumulative Investment Amount
Investment in service development (equipment, systems, etc.) to raise the added value of products
(development of new services that blend hardware and software)
  • Takamiya Lab.
  • Online order receipt
  • 3D measurement, BIM
¥11.8 billion
of which, related to Equipment centers
¥6.6 billion
of which, related to systems
¥1.4 billion
Investment in development and cultivation of human resources to support sustainable growth
  • Work style reform
  • Office reform
  • HR systems reform
Investment in systems development for labor-saving and smaller number of workers through digitalization
  • Use of robots
  • Factory automation
Investment in products for growing markets such as maintenance and repair market
(strengthen products for maintenance/repairs and infrastructure redevelopment)
  • Product development
  • Adoption of overseas products
¥11.4 billion

Investment divergence factors
FYE March 31, 2022 Rental asset investment(-) The construction volume is sluggish, leading to the postponement of some investments both domestically and internationally.
Capital investment(-) Delay in Construction and Facilities Maintenance for Takamiya Lab. West
FYE March 31, 2023 Rental asset investment(+) To meet high demand for the Iq system and ensure a stable supply to our purchasing customers, we are increasing investments in temporary equipment, including the Iq system.
Capital investment(-) Delay in Construction and Facility Maintenance for Takamiya Lab. West
FYE March 31, 2024 Rental asset investment(+) To meet high demand for the Iq system and ensure a stable supply to our purchasing customers, we are increasing investments in temporary equipment, including the Iq system.

Financial Policy / Shareholder Return Policy

Financial Policy
  • Operating Profit Margin of 7.9% or higher
  • EBITDA of 91 billion yen ※Operating Profit + Depreciation and Amortization
  • ROA of 5.4%
  • ROE of 11.4%
  • Equity Ratio of 31%
Shareholder Return Policy
  • Enhancement of Corporate Value through Business Growth
  • Maintaining the current dividend level while implementing dividend distributions in line with earnings

Consolidated Revenue Target

Medium Term Management Plan